VOS3000™ VoIP Operation Support System

VOS3000™ VoIP Operation Support System is designed for carrier-class operations.In addition to provide the Fee Rate Management, Package Management, Account Management, Phone Management, Gateway Management, Data Query, Card
Management, Number management and System Management.

System Features

· For VoIP operators
· Real-time control of soft-switching platform
· Full support for voice, fax and video calls
· Overload protection, load balancing and redundancy backup mechanism
· Dual Hot-backup mechanism
· Card management business, with the IVR to achieve one million global cards business model
· Efficient media access transponder modules, stand-alone media, forwarding up to 2000 lines
· Multi-server distributed placement, centralized management
· Excellent compatibility
· Multi-gateway encryption standard
· Tong Cheng ban call
· Connect analysis, interruption analysis
· Call Performance Real-time monitoring
· Package features, providing daily, monthly, annual rent and other methods
· Phone automatically add the area code
· One-pass operation
· A wealth of value-added business expansion
· Good after-sales service and technical


Stand-alone performance
At the same time the number of calls: “= 10,000 (signaling forward)
Media forwarding capacity of the server:> = 2,000 (100Mbps bandwidth limit)
Second call processing:> = 1200CPS (4,320,000 BHCA)
Protocol support: SIP, H323, HTTP, TCP / UDP, etc.
(Supports distributed deployment, more soft-switching stand-alone server running, to further improve performance)

After rigorous testing, system provides stable and reliable high-performance carrier-class service. Increasing value-added service modules bring more abundant business modes to the customers.

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